Saving PDF documents offline

  1. On the iManage menu, select either of the following:

    • Save As: The Save As [Offline] dialog box appears. For more information, see Save As.

    • Save As New Version: The New Version [Offline] dialog box appears. For more information, see Save as New Version option.


      • Unlike Save As, this option is available only for offline documents that already exist in iManage Work.

      • Only one offline version of a document can be saved in a single Acrobat session. After a version is saved, the Save As New Version option becomes unavailable.

      • If an offline version (version not yet uploaded to iManage Work) of the document exists, and you open an older version while you are offline and select Save As New Version, an error message is displayed.

      • You can save the offline documents to the locations that you recently accessed in multiple iManage Work Servers.

  2. Make the desired changes (if any), and select Save. The document is saved offline.
    For documents saved using the Save As option (local and iManage Work documents), the version number (0.0) is temporarily appended to the file name.