Retaining your preferences for navigation tabs

You can now default to your preferred content in iManage Work. For example, if you select the My Matters list view in the Matters tab, it remains selected when you leave the Matters view and then return.

Preferences are also propagated from one client to another. If you select Checked Out Documents in iManage Work, it will also be selected in the iManage Work Desktop for Windows client and iManage Email Management for Gmail.

The following view selections are now persisted in all iManage Work clients and iManage Work Desktop for Windows:

  • Recent Documents/Checked Out Documents

  • Recent Emails/Emails Filed by Me

  • Recent Matters/My Matters


  • In the Work Panel, a view selected in another iManage Work client is changed only after closing and re-opening the Work Panel.

  • If you select a view within the Work Panel, this is remembered across other iManage Work clients. If you are already working in iManage Work (web client), a manual refresh may be required to view the changes.

  • This feature requires database schema 10.11 or later. For information about upgrading your schema, refer to the Using the DbUpgrade Utility section in iManage Work Server Administration Guide.