EM task pane in new email window

The EM task pane is available in the Microsoft Outlook new email window that appears when you select Home > New Email. It is similar to the EM Task Pane in Outlook and has the Secure Send slider.

Figure: EM task pane in new email window


If your administrator enables the AutoSelectFileTo option, the File To check box gets selected automatically when a suggested filing location is available when you compose an email. If you do not wish to file the email to the suggested location, clear the File To check box. This automatically removes the suggested location too. In this case, the Select Filing Location dialog box appears when you select Send providing the option to select another location. For more information, refer to the imEMM.config section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.


  • The iManage Work group is also available on the Message tab in the new email window and contains the Insert iManage Attachment command. For more information, see Inserting iManage Work attachment.

  • Search for a workspace to file the email by typing in the search box. For more information, see Quick filing using workspace search in iManage Work toolbar .

  • The three filing option check boxes get enabled when you select a filing location. If you have selected any filing option in the EM task pane in Outlook, it appears selected in this pane too.